Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bailey & the golden frog

Poor Bailey doesn't get much exercise because we're afraid to allow him to run loose. He's just too nosey. He has to check out everything. He would run for an hour or so and then come back and sit in the yard. The problem is, that while he was checking out the bush, he'd have his nose in every tarantula hole and check out every snake. Therefore, our poor, dear friend is sentenced to the verandas and short walks 4 times a day. His one bit of excitement right now is FROGS!

Last evening when Art took Bailey for his little walk, he hollered for me to come look. Bailey had found the golden frog. Art had previously told me he'd seen one, but I still hadn't seen it. The darned thing blended in with the leaves and tree bits, but when Art put the flashlight on it, I finally got a view of our golden neighbor. I took some flash pictures which don't really show it's color. It was actually a bright golden color. Bless his heart, Bailey just sat down and let us ooh and ahh over the darned thing. Bailey is the true treasure. I love it that so many things here are decked out in bright colors.

Note: A friend read this and scolded me because I didn't show a photo of Bailey. We met the frog late at night and our dear Bailey sat down patiently while I took these photos, but none of him at the time. Anyway, I'm adding a photo here and am adding more photos in a later post. Gale

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