Thursday, September 5, 2013


As I get older I'm finding that lots of things get harder, so I find myself in auto mode, just doing what needs to be done and trying not to overthink anything.  Getting the two pups has been a blessing in so many ways as they are so happy most of the time.  My stress there is that we've had a lot of rain, thus the fenced area that we worked so hard to create, is now a mud hole.  I hate to put them out there as they come back up filthy and they're very clean dogs by nature.  I'm struggling with should we put in an underground electric fence to allow all three dogs more freedom.  It's a budget stretcher, as so many things are, and I'm not convinced that it's going to work.  I imagine, with a little effort on my part, that I can train the Setters to stay within the fence, as they have thin, fine hair, but Bailey has such a thick coat.  I also worry about how much the shock will affect them.  Worry, worry!  

We still haven't heard from the insurance company about repairing the pickup.  Everything moves so slowly here.  I phoned the office and found that they're still waiting for the owner of the other car to turn in some paperwork before it goes to their main office for approval.  In the meantime we can't lower the tailgate on the truck, which is inconvenient.  Patience, patience.

I've tried to manage to do some of my artwork, but it just isn't in me right now.  To keep busy with more mindless work I'm painting the interior walls of the house.  We intentionally built without finished interior walls.  We only have the studs and the exterior siding.  In such a tiny space, it's given us more room and there isn't an interior hidey space for bugs to nest.  Ants, bees and other icky creatures.  The downside is that it's dark and we don't have a lot of lights.  

I found some terrific Mayan themed fabric in Melchor, Guatemala (which is just across the border from here) and am using that as my focus.  I'm picking up the greens for the kitchen and a lighter green for the living room area.  It's brighter in here already.  A friend suggested that I use exterior paint because the house gets so much air and the exterior paint has a mildew resistant ingredient.  It sure goes on great.  I haven't spent much time on a stepladder for quite a while, so giving me a little exercise.  I'm using a tough enamel on the window screens as they really take a beating.  

A bright spot for me has been my friends.  I look forward to our ladies luncheon once a month and a few of us met yesterday for lunch at a lovely new place in San Ignacio called the Guava Limb Cafe.  What a sweet place it is.  So many restaurants open here, last a month or two and close.  They don't get the concept of having several months operating funds put aside ahead of time.  We're all thrilled that a couple of new places have opened that are operated by successful resort owners.  They are stressing quality and moving outside the usual Belizean offerings.  I enjoy stew chicken rice and beans a lot, which is the typical Belize fare, but I yearn for some variety.  The cafe where we ate yesterday is in a charming wooden house that was totally restored and updated and they offered a nice bistro type menu.  The food was terrific and the company was delightful.  I'm excited now that Art & I will be able to enjoy a lunch out in such a comfortable place.  

All-in-all we're doing ok.  We miss family and Art desperately wants to be back in Oregon, but we're still taking it a day at a time up here on our hill.