Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guest house

Ok, we keep hoping and planning that fortune will shine on our family and they'll be able to come down and share our dream. We've continued to plug along to create spaces so they'll be comfortable. As you can see by the photos, nothing we've built here is fancy, but functional. To us, that's Belize.

I've shown a photo of the guest house before, showing the solar on the roof & the bodega on the bottom, which houses our solar controls and tools. The top floor is a little more gracious. It houses two bedrooms and a "soon to be" bathroom. The first bedroom, which is on the right, has twin beds. The second room has a double sleigh bed. We HAD to bring down the sleigh bed as we've owned it and the dresser since we were first married. The mattress is probably the thing our kids would fight about the most if we were both gone. It's probably the most comfortable mattress we've every owned. Note: we'd both probably amend that now as we treated ourselves to a Temperpedic and it's fantastic. Anyway, the old bed has antique bedding, which we've also owned for years.

Egads, I can't believe the stuff we now consider "antique" which we actually purchased. Yes folks, we've been married for over 50 years, so we're the antiques. And we headed to Belize at our ages. What a couple of crazy old folks. Hey, cut that out! We're doing pretty great and feel just fine, thank you!

We hope to have the DC ceiling fans hooked up soon which will sure make the rooms more comfy in this heat.

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