Friday, June 8, 2012

Moving forward

It's so frustrating that when you get sick you can be fine one day and in the hospital the next, but the road to recovery is very slow.  That's the problem for Art, but I'm pleased to say that he is slowly getting stronger.  It seems that age comes up and slaps you in the face and says, "hey, you can't do all the things you used to, so you have to adapt."   It isn't easy, but its wonderful to see him with color in his face and walking around. 

Our weather has gone from dry and hot to muggy and hot.  The temps aren't as high, but the humidity makes the "feels like" temp pretty tough.  My friends and I all carry cloths to wipe our faces and forget the bit about ladies don't sweat, they glow.  Ha!  We just plain SWEAT!  I try to get up fairly early to take Bailey for his longest walk before it gets too hot.  I feel so put upon having to take him out, but I enjoy it when I finally get going.  He's so undemanding and will patiently wait until I decide to go.  The walks are all tough since we're on the top of a hill, the beginning is downhill while the end (after I'm pooped) is uphill.  Since we can't let him roam on his own, I try to let him sniff and investigate a little along the way.  He has an incredible nose and I know the scents give him visions of traipsing thru the bush after some interesting creature.  After he's sniffed and marked every twig and bush, we slog our way back, both of us panting. 

Since the solar provides so much power during the day, we're able to keep a box fan going all the time on the floor of the veranda so that Bailey can always have access to a nice breezeI've been enjoying doing some drawing and painting again.  Bailey and I share the space in front of the fan and keep each other company.  This is the part of retirement that I really enjoy. '

Through all of our troubling times, we've been blessed with good friends who keep checking on us and are ready to help if needed.  What a blessing.  

Speaking of blessings, we're excited that my nephew will be able to visit us for a few days at the end of this month.  Dreamer Farm isn't fancy, but it's a lovely, comfortable spot and it gives us such joy to be able to have family share it with us, even for a short time.