Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rain in the tropics

OK, now we're having a REAL tropical rainstorm. It's relentlessly pouring. I was going to enter this as it was happening, but it's overwhelmed the satellite. The overflow on both the cistern and rotoplast are rivers. The eaves on the house can't handle the flow, so the plants below are being pummeled. It's nearly impossible to talk on the verandas because of the roar of the rain on the zinc roofing. It's a little better in the house because of our wonderful wood ceiling. In order to visit or watch a DVD, we have to close the shutters to block out some of the sound. This is what makes the jungle, the jungle. It takes a lot of rain and boy are we getting it!

I worry about Rene as he took the weedeater to clear fence lines. He couldn't find a piece of plastic for a cover at home, but I gave him an old plastic poncho in case it rained. Ha! This is beyond rain. It's a deluge. He hasn't come back yet, so imagine he's sitting under a tree under the poncho. We can't really help him, but feel guilty leaving him out there. I could write a book about Rene, but will say here, he worked for 25 years supervising a survey crew all thru the jungles of Belize. He's very self-sufficient when it comes to survival. Even if we got nothing else from our adventure here, Rene's stories and generous help would make it worthwhile.

I have clothes hanging on the verandas, trying to dry. They go as far as damp, but not dry. We're trying to rig up hooks near the ceiling of our bedroom to string a line. Heat rises, right? I could whine about needing a dryer, but this is still quite a learning experience. Don't know if our kids would enjoy this, but maybe our grandkids would. Frogs & lizards. Oh, to answer a question, yes the "chicken frog" is here. Not sure what he/she looks like, but sure can be loud. Art actually saw a golden colored frog a couple of days ago. Maybe that's old "chicken". Rene said that the golden color is very rare. Anyway, maybe the grandkids wouldn't enjoy it tho'. They're the Gameboy/Nintendo generation. Wish they could come down and give it a try. Maybe someday.

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