Sunday, June 6, 2010

recent visitors

I'm probably talking to myself, but that's ok. This is mainly a record of our adventure. If you are out there in cyberspace, waiting with bated breath for my next missive, don't hesitate to leave a comment with an email addy. I'm going to start recording our everyday experiences to remind us of how we survived a new culture.

A couple of weeks ago, when several of our jungle trees had berries, we were treated to visits by a couple of fun and unusual birds, at least for us. We've seen the Aracari elsewhere, but it took the berries to bring them up to us. They blend so well with the trees, it's sometimes difficult to spot them. They're a small toucan, so I had to look for the big bill.

Other visitors who only stayed around for about a week were a couple of pairs of scarlet tanagers. What a thrill to see the flash of red feasting on our trees. I guess they're really more their trees than ours, but we'll try to take care of the trees so they'll be there for a return trip.

I'm going to have to look thru my photos for a picture of the little black & white warblers. Almost like a zebra of birds!

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Wilma said...

Hi Gale,

great bird shots! For about 5 weeks I have been posting "Belize Bird of the Week" on my blog South Englishtown Gazette. I don't think I have enough Belize bird photos to last me until we get back down there in October. Just to let you know, I read your blog each time you post another entry by following it on Google reader. :-)