Monday, June 7, 2010

My garden

The weather has been miserable for a couple of weeks, but is moderating a little right now. Rain forecast for several days, but hasn't happened. We can see a storm passing to the south of us, heading west. Watching the satellite for the caribbean, is shows the storms passing from norther South America, over Panama & Costa Rica and then turning back north & east, back to the Bahamas. Belize is tucked back and just gets the windy/rainy edge. Actually hoping this storm brings some rain as we could really use it.

I hand carry buckets of wash and rinse water from doing laundry, to my new little garden plants. Right now I only have cucumber and cantelope and some pineapple. Trying to start tomatoes, onions and cabbage in trays. Would love to have some lettuce, but it's way too hot. Once the lower black Rotoplast tank is empty, we plan to take it to the Mennonite house and have the eaves drain into it. It's a little uphill from my garden, so that I could water via a gravity fed hose. Yippee! Right now my upper back & neck are killing me from toting & fetching. Can't be that I'm getting old. Heavens no, it's just that my once rotund body is getting a little tired. Actually, I'm still rotund, just less, having dropped 40#.

I'm experimenting with my garden spot. We put 10 sacks of chicken manure in one area, and will use a fertilizer mix in another area. We'd like to stay organic, but are getting tired of losing plants to poor nutrition and bugs. Just bo't some Neem oil to help with the bug problem. We have several Neem trees that are now about three years old. We tried to make a tea of leaves, but that had no affect on the white fly. We'll see what the oil does. It's actually made from the seeds.

Well I'm off to make an orange drink and try to cool down. Art is peeling limes for his drink. I swear that part of our weight loss is all the work it takes to peel the citrus.


Wilma said...

You should be getting some rain soon - I hope!

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to go all organic either. The bugs are just too darn tough, and their is nothing organic to get rid of fire ants!