Sunday, March 16, 2014

US tourists

Yesterday was Art's birthday, so today we decided to go to town and have an early dinner.  It's so hot right now that it was great to get into our air conditioned truck and just do something!  I have to say that the observation I'm about to make has been bothering me for quite some time.   We headed for one of our favorite places, Ko Ox Han Ah (Known to all of us as Hannah's).  There was a large group of young folks there who appeared to be either American or Canadian.  Altho' we were all there for some time and they all had to pass us as they left, not a one made eye contact or offered a smile.
I realize that we're both much older than most of the folks that we meet, so probably aren't on many folks' radar, but as we see Belizeans, we exchange smiles and usually some form of hello.  Over and over I find that when walking near U. S. tourists of almost any age, they look past or thru us and walk on.  I don't want anything from any of them, but this lack of friendliness and courtesy makes me sad.  I would love to be of help if needed, but feel that as "old" folks we're totally disregarded.  

I know I keep repeating this, but if we do sell here, I will truly miss the courtesy, kindness and genuine smiles of Belizeans.  So many want to be like Americans, but I pray that our lack of courtesy doesn't rub off on them.