Saturday, June 19, 2010

Laundry in Belize

I was writing to a new friend, describing bits about Belize and I thought I'd record some of those thoughts here.

When you first come to Belize, It can be a little strange. The living conditions are very different from what we saw in the States. Houses are poorer, but not the tarpaper shacks that can be found in other third world countries. The largest number of people are just surviving, but like folks everywhere, they work hard, when there's work available and try to help each other. Most are very poor, but the children are loved, clean, well dressed and happy.

It feels as though they must be the cleanest people anywhere. Women seem to be doing laundry every day. Most villages have a water system, of sorts, usually just pumping from a river to homes. Then there are folks lke us who collect water from the roof.

I dream of a washer and dryer, but use the system most use here. It's reminiscent of my grandmother's washer, except mine is basically plastic. One tub is for washing with an agitator. Then you put it on drain and move clothes to a small spinning tub. It's pretty much a manual system. Many still use a tub and scrub board also. Anything can become a clothesline. The surprising thing is that, in spite of the humidity, we have nice breezes and clothes usually dry fairly fast. The little photo shows a neighbor who has five little children, with clothes drying on the fence. I have two lines on verandas and one outside, so manage just fine.

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed in Belize that the kids' school uniforms are always sparkling clean! Even if their mom probably does the laundry in the river! Always impressed with that, because I've been in parts of the world that are just about par as far as economic level goes and Belizeans are by far the cleanest.