Friday, June 11, 2010

Our backyard

Isn't this pretty? We're trying to clear a portion of the land around the houses by leaving the trees and just clearing the bush. It's taken a bit of time to get this far. Rene has chapped down the bush and we've gone thru with a chainsaw and cut the stumps. This has enabled Art to take the little tractor and flail thru. We're delighted with the results. It's actually mulching the thick layer of leaves on the ground. Lots of folks rake the leaves and pile and burn them or make compost. We prefer to allow them to remain on the ground to create humus and to choke out weeds.

Now if we can just afford to keep the old flail repaired. It's had a nearly fatal breakdown, again. It's cost us way more than we can afford, so this is probably the last repair. Hope it will keep working for a bit. It did a fantastic job with this part of the yard.

We've planted a few coffee plants and some haleconia here. Rene also bro't 5 different orchids that are tied to the trees. Not spectacular, but lovely to have bits of the original jungle in our trees.


Wilma said...

That does look lovely, Gale. You have a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

that does look very tranquil and pretty!! I agree-leave the leaves on the ground for mulch.