Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting sick in Belize

As I wrote the last post, I decided to share what's been going on with me.  I'm always apologizing for not posting more often, but this time there's a reason.  Kidney stones.  The thing that's frightened me the most is getting sick down here.  There is medical care here, but the hospitals are pathetic giving you a less than confident view of how you'll be treated.

A few nights ago I was awakened by a pain in my back.  It wasn't a sharp pain, more liked I'd been punched and bruised.  Of course my mind conjured up all sorts of possibilities to set my worry gene into hyper drive.   Whatever, I had to get up and headed for the old glider that used to be my Mom's.  The pain subsided and was mostly gone the next day, only to be repeated when I tried to lie down the next night.  After another day and night of this I decided to go see Dr. Sanchez.  He's a lovely man who is from Cuba and has a really busy family practice.  Some years back he saw Art and diagnosed his blood clot and sent him to an internist.  We so appreciated his professionalism.  Anyway, thankfully it was raining that day so his office was basically empty.  I've been in there when it's so full you can't get in the door.  After giving me a checkup he sent me for some lab tests and then to get an ultrasound.  Right there as little blips in my kidneys were some stones.  Well darn!  One was trying to pass and another on it's heals.  I also had one in the other kidney.  I also found that I had a raging infection.  Whew!

Dr. gave me some do's and don'ts and some pills to help me get past this.  Now I've heard intense stories of people and their pain, so I wasn't sure how much to expect.  I'm trying not to get to complacent about the whole thing, but I feel so fortunate, at least up to now.  I've had to sleep sitting in my faithful chair (thanks Mom), but during the day I've been basically pain free.  Trying to lie down was a whole other issue.  After three nights/days of this, the pain seems to have disappeared, hopefully meaning the little devils found their way to freedom.   I'm still tired, but so thankful to be doing so well.

I still feel that if I had a major problem, I'd get on the first plane I could to the US and our health insurance, but I feel that there are caring Drs. here (thank you Dr. Sanchez) who will do their best to make you well. 

Rain in the jungle

Sorry US.  I know that so much of the US is struggling under oppressive heat right now.  Our family in Oregon and Washington have told us that the temps today will reach 100 and higher.  We've just gone thru that and now - wow, the rain is really hitting.  I just checked the satellite and we're in the path of a huge front.  Lots of lightning and thunder and RAIN.  You haven't experienced rain until you've been soaked in the jungle.  Actually, that's probably not true.  Lots of places get intense rain, but right now, this is pretty intense.  The consolation here is that it's still warm.  Don't know how we'd handle it if it was cold.  Temps here will still hover in the high 70's and 80's until the rain subsides.   Our big old Bailey is afraid of the thunder and always stays close to us for reassurance.  The pups are a little more blasé, altho' when the last big clap of thunder hit, we had all three in the house.  We're so pleased with our little place as the veranda all the way around is a haven for the dogs and us and keeps the house from being pummeled by the weather.  From the looks of the satellite, we can expect this to go on for quite some time as we're right in the middle of the path.  We'll be curious about the river when we finally go down.  Once again, we're so blessed to be us where we can enjoy the river, but don't have the flooding worry.  Can't convince the Gringo's of that, but once you  live here reality can hit.  We're waiting right now for a break to let Bailey out.  We don't wear boots, just Crocks to slog thru this.  Weird!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The dry season is hopefully over

Haven't heard much from anyone so am just touching base.  After struggling for over two months of 100 degree weather, the dry spell finally ended on schedule.  Go figure.  We got rain on June 1.  We're now getting rain late every afternoon.  What a blessing, altho' the humidity is high all the time.  It's still in the 90's every day and 70's at night, but loving the change. We felt so lucky, living on our hill as we have wonderful breezes which don't reach down by the river.  Rene likes to come up here to get away from the heat.  It's great to not have to be quite so conservative with our water, just have to check that we've had enough rays to get us thru the evening without running the generator.  Living off-grid there's always something.  We're lucky tho' as the folks in the village have to worry about the fact that there are countrywide power outages and the village has been without water more than they've had it.  Something about their pumps.  Anyway, we're blessed. 


We're both doing fine.  I'm trying to stay active, but the weather has made it hard.  Errands take up some of the time, but boring.  We're waiting to hear from our realtor as to whether we'll remain with her or try it on vour own again.  Nothing happening, altho' several places have sold near our village so maybe our turn will come. 


Our dogs continue to be a blessing.  The setters are so loving and loyal.  Their antics keep me laughing.  Shannon really describes the term "dogging".  Wherever I go, she's right there.  Bailey is much the same way, but at a distance.  He's looking good, but at 12 years he's showing his age.  For a 135# Akita he's doing great.  I don't want to think too much about it and for now he's doing well.  He continues to be a true friend and such a blessing.  We couldn't have made it here without him.  I hope we can get  him home again.