Sunday, January 2, 2011


Ok! Like I told you, I keep thinking I'll break out of my rut, but I keep trudging away, doing my birds and critters. I do love them tho'. Maybe I'll surprise myself and try something different next time.

I don't see many watercolors down here, probably because the humidity is so hard on paper. They would all have to be archival matted and framed to keep out the moisture. Also, the truly frustrating thing is that, at least here in the Cayo District, I have yet to find a place to buy supplies. Got excited when I passed a place in Belmopan called the Art Box. Silly me! It's full of ticky tacky and not much else. Oh, a few of Caroline Carr's painting on the 2nd floor. Doubt that an art supply store would do a booming business, but sure wish someone would be able to stock paints, brushes, etc. Luckily I bro't quite a bit when we moved, so can keep busy, when my lazy bones get ambitious.


Bill and Debra said...

Your paintings are beautiful Gale, you are so talented. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


Emily said...

Those are absolutely beautiful, Gale. Thank you so much for posting them. I love birds and color, so your art has such appeal to me.


sandy a. said...

those are very very pretty! I love the softness of them. I paint in oils and pro acrylics, but watercolour looks so hard to do.
I know what you mean about art supplies in Belize. I brought down a whole bunch to keep at our Belize house. Unfortunately, when we are there I rarely seem to have time to paint!
Keep it up the lovely painting!

Scott Harley said...

Dear Gale, Art & Bailey,

I've kept quiet reading this blog until now being inspired by Gales paintings to write. I've read all your adventures as of today which helps to fuel my fantasy for living in Belize possibly in the next few years depending on how things go in my life. Gale send me a list of art supplies you are lacking and perhaps I'll visit the art store and send you a present. Being an artist myself albeit of the musical form I know I would be frustrated without an appropriate outlet, that does not mean I would not like to learn to paint however starting with stick people. LOL! Yes indeed I am serious in my offer Gale so please take me up on it. Gale please keep painting I think you are extremely talented and although not I was not previously sold on water colours myself it is definitely your medium. Given your environment however what medium do you think would be best in regard to the humidity? All the best friends, I say friends because I feel like I know you already just from reading of your adventures.