Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Hard to believe that it's 2011. Seems as tho' the millennium was only a couple of years ago. Hope this is a good year for all of us. We stayed home for New Year's eve and watched a couple of videos. It's hard to go to sleep early here because they celebrate everything with fireworks. Not pretty ones, just noisy. We did have a great time yesterday tho'. I decided to make pizza and ten of us had a great time just visiting, eating and generally enjoying our lovely weather. (Sorry all you up north). It's now gotten quite warm and today is threatening rain. It's still warm with a wonderful breeze. It was hard to make the pizza because we have a really small oven, but managed just fine. Lots of lovely desserts found their way up also, so we were all pleasantly stuffed.

Today was back to normal with laundry and watering the garden. The really tough part was then sitting down and reading a really good book for the rest of the day. I truly savor not marching to the demands of the clock and employers.

Happy 2011 dear friends.


Wilma said...

Well, it seems your 2011 is off to a great start! We started ours by beginning to pack up the "clutter" in the house as one of the many things we need to do before put the house on the market. By the end of 2011, we hope to be doing the final packing before the big move in early 2012. Will this be the last January we live full-time in the US? That is our goal, so the countdown is on!

cheers and Happy New Year,

Emily said...

"I truly savor not marching to the demands of the clock and employers."

I so hope to be at that point soon...I haven't missed work one bit over the holiday break!