Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wow, from my fingers to God's hear. Not quite. They've been predicting rain for about 3 weeks, but none appeared until Tuesday night. We're not getting lots of rain, just sporadic and quite a stiff breeze.

Sandy, bless her heart, sent me a comment about the fact that the rainy season is actually during summer months. That's because that's the hurricane season. It doesn't rain really often then, but when it does it comes down in buckets. (I have to tell you that most of my info comes from Rene, who has lived here all his life and has taught me so much about the land). During December, January it is often overcast and there are periods of drizzle. That's the good time to plant a garden. The dry spell was devastating to lots of gardens. Not sure how long this cloudy spell will last, but we do appreciate the little bit of rain.

Well, I'm off to the dentist. I get my crown put on today. I think I already mentioned that we have a wonderful dentist here who is gentle and VERY reasonable. My crown cost $350bz total. In Oregon they're $1k US at least.

Have a great day dear friends. Gale


sandy a. said...

I know exactly what you mean about the dentist! We have a great dentist in Placencia (she also has an office in Dangriga) who is so reasonably priced! And very competent and professional! One of our Christmas guests went to see her for something minor, and decided that coming back to her for the two crowns he needs, and a bridge, PLUS paying for the flight and fishing excursions would still be WAY cheaper than the US!! (He lives in Dallas)

JRinSC said...

Hope you guys are ok and just enjoying being "off the grid and the internet" for a while. Please post something soon so we'll know you're ok!