Thursday, July 29, 2010


We've finally reached a time where all of the big projects (that we could afford) are done. The sporadic rain keeps me from spending much time in the yard, so what to do? I've drawn and painted a little for most of my life, so I'm trying to talk myself into jumping back in. It's much easier to be busy doing manual projects and skirting the issue of my art. Being self-taught, I've never developed the confidence or discipline to work at it every day. If I can't create when I'm retired, well when will I? It's only for me anyway. I guess I've always felt that everything should be a masterpiece. Of course, none of them ever are. My brother, who's a wonderful artist and has taught for years, has encouraged me to loosen up, create and have the courage to throw it away. It's hard, but a wonderful way to loosen up.

Anyway, I'm going up to the little Mennonite house to doodle way the afternoon. There's no electricity up there yet, so I have to work during daylight hours. Don't expect photos of great work, I just create for myself. Isn't this is what being retired in Belize should be all about. Relaxing and just being yourself.

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