Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What to do during a storm

I'm almost ashamed to admit what a non-productive day I've had. We've had sporadic rain for several days. Yesterday was rainy, but then we had several hours of clear weather. We both rushed around doing outside tasks. Art almost literally buried himself in weedeating - an almost endless task.

I was able to do a couple of loads of laundry with my so called washing machine, that's barely functional. We're waiting for several weeks for the ship to arrive with parts so it can be repaired. Two loads were on the line IN THE SUN! Yippee! Then I loaded the sprayer with Roundup and addressed the driveway. This is graveled, but during the rain we have to kill the weeds every month or two. I applied two tanks of spray and was heading back to refill the third, when I looked at the sky. Wow, brown ugly clouds scudding rapidly overhead. We both just made it into the house when it started dumping again.

Today, we didn't even get a chance to start any projects. We woke to rain and it only cleared a few times to allow us to take Bailey out for a relief trip a couple of times. I was so unmotivated that I actually read two books today. Don't get to impressed as they were easy, fun reads. A couple of Evanovich books. She writes such quirky, fun books. Then tonight we're really going over the edge by having a huge giggle with two Mel Brooks movies. Young Frankenstein and Spaceballs. Best way to fight the gloom.

A footnote: At the waning moon, I set out a bunch of regular tomatoes and some Roma's. It's a pretty tough start for them, but I've checked and they're standing up really well to the downpours.

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sandy a. said...

what kind of weed eater do you have? Did you bring it in, or did you buy it here? We are thinking of getting one. I found one on Amazon that uses batteries (like a cordless drill), but am thinking a gas one might hold up better. We dont have a ton of stuff to weed eat