Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sadly, I didn't inherit my grandmother's green thumb. Actually, there are so many wonderful things about her that I wish I'd inherited, but we won't go into that here. Needless to say, she was a gentle, loving soul and a blessing in my young life. Anyway, I continue to try to plant a garden. I spoke to a very helpful Mennonite lady yesterday who said that there really aren't seasons for planting here in Belize. Things will grow almost any time as long as they get water. That can be a big problem for me up here on our hill, since we rely on rain water, so I have to haul water to the garden for the time being.

I'm experimenting with chicken manure in one section and commercial fertilizer in another. I planted cucumbers in the both sections and cantaloupe with fertilizer. Right now the manure part is way ahead. The cucumbers are growing like crazy. I'm watching a couple of the first ones and they're going from a couple of inches to full size in a couple of days. The cantaloupe plants are very vigorous, with lots of blooms, but so far, no fruit (? is it a fruit)? I've also planted yellow onions, dill, carrots and tomatoes. I'm starting the tomatoes in flats and transplanting into the garden. A few days ago I put several plants into the garden and that night we had a downpour. I was sure they'd be either smashed flat or broken, but in the morning, they were perky and looking as tho' they were happy to have the freedom.

If nothing else, this experience is teaching me patience and perseverance.

Now I'm on a quest for canning jars and ingredients for pickles. Yum. If everything grows, you'll probably find me with a stall at the market, trying to hawk all the produce. Wouldn't Grandma be proud?



Wilma said...

Hi Gale,

we were advised to provide the tomatoes with shade and that it gets too hot for them to set fruit in the "summer." But then our place is right next to the ocean and south of you, so we get much hotter in the summer. I'm very interested to see how you get on with your garden.


Suzanne McDaniel said...

So glad you are posting about your garden! We are getting closer to our move to Belize and I'm wanting to plant as much as possible. I don't have a good green thumb either so it should be interesting lOL

sandy a. said...

I had terrible luck with my garden this year, so I am enjoying your posts about your success!