Sunday, July 25, 2010

Full moon

We've had some wonderful views of the full moon the last couple of days and nights. The moon is rising before dark, which happens here about 6:30pm. Last evening the sky was mostly clear so I dashed in, got my little camera and tried to get some photos. As you've probably already noted, if you've checked out some of my previous postings, I'm not the world's greatest photographer, but I snap away anyway. I was fascinated by the little cloud that drifted across the moon.

Tonight, we've had lots of clouds, so just had a short view of the moon. I didn't get a good adjustment on my camera, so the views tonight show the moon as a big splatter, but it's actually full and lovely. I loved the wild clouds, scudding by. Actually, right after taking my shots, it started pouring rain. It's so comfortable tho' as the rains have brought the temperatures down to the high 60's at night. Bailey's really happy.

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Suzanne McDaniel said...

I was just admiring the big full moon last night here in Texas. :)

Seems as though there is a chance we'll be "neighbors" come October 12th.. we'll have to drop by for a visit one day after we get settled in (which might take awhile LOL)