Monday, July 19, 2010

Lots of Rain

In case someone asks you, when is the rainy season in Belize? You can answer, “RIGHT NOW”. We now know the meaning of DELUGE. This is really a downpour. I’ve never seen rain like this. It’s been raining quite a bit, off and on this afternoon, but it’s now been coming down in a steady downpour for about 30 minutes, with no sign of letting up.

As I’ve probably already noted, there are two seasons in Belize, dry and rainy. The rainy coincides with the hurricane/tropical storm season. Seldom do the hurricanes hit the “little green jewel”, but we sure do get the edges. That means lots of rain, lightning and thunder.

Art just headed down the hill to go to San Ignacio to the dentist. I’m hoping he’ll be able to navigate back up the road. It is undoubtedly a river, eroding the road to canyon status. Glad we were able to at least get the top part graveled, but the bottom half is hideous. Actually, we put the Toyota into 4x4 and blaze a new trail a little off to the side of the old.

We don’t have a rain gauge and I bro’t my bucket in, but based on a previous measurement, I’m sure we’re getting 9 to 10 inches. After all, this is the rainforest. Hope the Oregon house sells so I can get a butane clothes dryer.

Soggy blessings,

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Suzanne McDaniel said...

Have you guys found a good dentist? This may sound bonkers but I'm thinking about hitting up the dentist while there. We don't have insurance and my daughter has a cavity on her front tooth (oddest place!) I'm thinking it will be much cheaper to have it done there?