Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Over time, we've discovered quite a group of expats here in Bullet Tree. We were chatting with some friends in Remo's and I invited them to lunch. It grew to a potluck which is great fun. I've always apologized for our road up the hill and folks have stayed away, but these lovely ladies found their way up with no problems. After all, it's Belize! What a joy - great company and fantastic food. I meant to take pictures but we were so busy visiting that I forgot. Diane, Pat, Peggy, Doris, Heather, Betty and her husband, Robin. So pleased Robin came so that Art was able to escape the female chit chat.

We were concerned about how Bailey would react to our friends and how they would feel about him. As I've already stated, he's 120# and has a huge bark. Looking up at him he looks like a bear. Not to worry, it was love at first sight all around. We tried to put him in the house so we could visit on the veranda, but Art caught him checking out the food on the table. After all, he's tall enough to slurp it all up. He's a good boy tho' and just nosy. We finally resorted to putting him on a cable in the yard so we could eat without pathetic dog eyes looking at us, with drool coming out of his mouth. He's such a baby!

The food was incredible, but the real pleasure was in the friendship. The hugs and the kinship gave me such joy, but also made me realize how much we miss our dear Oregon friends. We've been blessed to find kindred spirits in our lives.

Hugs to all our friends everywhere.

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Wilma said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm quite envious ...