Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Traveling to Oregon

No, we're not moving. I'm just taking a trip back to collect some grandkid hugs and check on our house (which still hasn't sold). At least I'll have a place to stay. Art & I take turns as we don't want to leave our house untended and can't think of leaving Bailey with anyone else. He's so much a part of our family. At his size, it's prohibitive to travel with him. He'll only go back with us if we decide to drive.

Another good reason for this trip is to get my computer fixed. I've discovered a couple of places here in SI that might be able to fix it, but parts are hard to get here and expensive, and I'm hoping that it's still under warranty. I've been totally lost without it. Once it's fixed I'll try to post some photos to some of my previous posts.

The weather right now is really bouncing around. We had 2 days of 100+ degrees and now the wind has come up and it's cooled down a bit. I don't really look forward to the really hot weather. The ground is cracking and the leaves are dropping like crazy. Right now we're letting them lay there as a mulch, but may give in and rake some. The teak leaves are hysterical. They're big as platters and you can actually hear them fall. Art mowed the area around them and the old flail made them disappear. Of course, more keep falling, so it's a little futile. One project Art is contemplating tackling while I'm gone is to start cleaning and painting the outside of the Mennonite house. We did it once a couple of years ago, but the back side is weathering already. I'm hoping he'll enlist the help of Rene to take bleach to the back and have Rene do the high stuff. Glad I won't be here, as heights make me crazy.

Well dear friends, I'm heading out now for the cold climes. I have to tell you that we really love Oregon and have always felt it's home, but Belize has really gotten under our skins and we don't want to leave our little place in Bullet Tree. Anyone want to buy a wonderful handbuilt house in Central Oregon????


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