Friday, March 26, 2010


Hi guys,

So sorry that I'm not great at this and haven't figured out how to respond directly to comments, so will do it this way.

One question was regarding the china closet. Did we have to get a permit. No. Not sure why we would have. I have read that some folks are under the impression that you can't bring in anything made of wood. We didn't find that to be the case. We bro't in a few pieces of old furniture, including bedframes, dressers and tables & chairs, all without problems. Also pictures in frames and some of my carved wood pictures. Our things came in via a container of household goods. No questions about the wooden items. I suspect that the only thing not allowed would be lumber itself. I do know of one carver who wanted to take mahogany out of Belize, but wasn't allowed to. He had to carve the doors in country and then ship them to the US as finished. That's really the only case I've heard of and that was export, not import.

The termites have been trying to invade the wooden structures, but aren't actually getting into that wood. Apparently, they will work up the treated wood looking for furniture to eat. We'll experiment with either treatments or possibly a metal pad under each leg to deter them.

Also had a question about our cabinets. The only thing we put on them was oil based verithane. I spoke to a wonderful lady who has a factory that builds incredibly beautiful furniture in San Ignacio. They spray lacquer on all their pieces.

I'm struggling with vastly different temperatures. I'm in Washington right now, where the temp is in the 60's, but windy. Our daughter in Oregon said that they had 6" of snow and it was still snowing this morning and I called Art in Belize and it was 105 yesterday. Wow! Was hoping the hot would hold off until May, but looks as tho' it's shooting up to HOT a little early.

Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate knowing that someone is reading my babblings and that some of this is helpful. Belize is wonderful, but there has definitely been a learning curve. Gale


Wilma said...

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks on the cabinet question--you know on the Belize Forum there has been a couple of threads about the "wood" question.

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Good blog.