Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally, a bedroom wall

When we first moved into our little house, our only interior wall was around the bathroom. We only had studs defining where the wall would be. Our furniture was the only visual division. We were able to buy some rough Santa Maria lumber. It's beautiful, but the boards were of varying thicknesses and widths and many of them weren't straight. We struggled anyway and were able to build our wall. It is definitely not perfect, the boards are still shrinking, but we love it anyway. It has personality. You will note that we succeeded in bringing down a china closet which is a family piece. The fun drawing on the left was done by my very talented brother, done in colored pencil. The photo above the china cabinet is of my great grandfather and the woodcarvings were my efforts.

Rather than finish the back side of the wall, which is on the bedroom side, we added horizontal boards which became bookcases for our paperbacks. Great insulation.

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Anonymous said...

Did you have to get a special permit to bring that china cabinet?