Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm back in our log home in Oregon. It's lonesome here without Art, but am enjoying our daughter & grandkids. Boy do they grow fast. Will head to Washington in a couple of days to see our son & family. Just running errands, visiting with my brother & family and trying to get the house in shape for the next few months. I also have to pick up coils for ours & Rene's chain saws so that we can continue clearing the little poky stumps that keep tripping us up.

I got my computer back, but not sure that it's totally fixed. Luckily, it was still under warranty. I just published a few photos of Art with his Kubota to a previous post. We still have a lot of hand work to do before it can take over care of all the cleared land.

The weather here is typical for this time of year. Freezing at night and in the 50's during the day. It looks as tho' it will be a tough summer because the northwest didn't get the usual snow, so will be a very dry summer. We're adjacent to national forest, so fire is always a huge concern.

Once I'm back in Belize, I'll try to keep updating on our progress and experiences. (I started to say failures too, but hopefully there won't be too many of them).

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Wilma said...

It is only a "failure" if you fail to learn from it.

Yahoo news recently had a list of the 9 cities where the housing market is rebounding and Oregon had 2 of them. Hope that applies to your house!