Monday, March 22, 2010

Making a small house work - kitchen

Our log home in Oregon has 2400 sq ft, so moving into a little house with 600 sq ft could be a challenge. Actually, it's wonderful. We had to skinny down our necessities and make the most of every inch. Actually, if we'd been in the States it would have been harder because of building restrictions. Here in Belize, the open walls have proven to be a blessing and a few problems. Also, we made a choice to not have glass windows, but double screens with shutters.

The openness allows for wonderful air flow and light. Of course, the problem end is that it's harder to keep out the little bugs. I have no idea how they get in, but I can't get dinner on the table we've made into an island, because the light overhead draws them in. Ich! It's a wonder I haven't gassed both of us with bug spray.

We finally finished our open kitchen cabinets & the pantry wall, all made of Santa Maria. For now they're open, but I may end up putting curtains over to cut down on bugs and dust. Yes folks, even with the humidity, the surprising thing is that there's lots of dust down here. I suspect that a portion of it is mildew. I have to keep moving things and dusting everything to cut down on mold and mildew & of course, bugs.


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Wilma said...

Your cabinets look great. Did you put a finish on them?

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What a fantastic kitchen. It looks super functional without looking industrial or sterile. The counter tops are amazing and I love the cabinet color, perfect for you home. Great job!

Angelo H