Sunday, March 13, 2011

More computer problems

I can't believe that I've had problems with my little notebook computer too. After all I went thru with the Dell and finally had to give up, now the notebook I bo't has been giving me fits. There are supposed repair places here, but its hard to trust an expensive piece of equipment to a falling down house with a homemade sign that says computer services and repair. I took it to a place in a building referred to as "the mall" & they have hopefully solved my problem. Had to order a part which will probably take forever. I'm slogging along working around the problem, which is better than not having the use of it at all.

We're back to our regular stuff now that our family has gone. What a joy it was to get hugs, catch up on kids and grandkids and just enjoy being with dear family. Sure miss them.

I've been waiting for the full moon to start my flower seeds. I ordered zinnias, impatiens and petunia seeds and my brother bro't some of his excesses. Wow, shasta daisies, sweet william, cosmos and hollyhocks. None of these are tropical, but sure worth giving them a try. How fun. Art has become a madman with the weedeater. He got the flail working for the larger areas and then is weedeating the rest. I'm trying to convince him that we have to leave some work for Rene. Of course, keeping the property lines clear takes Rene a lot of time so it really isn't a problem.

I've also become somewhat of a mad woman, myself, fighting ants. I'm so tired of waking up to see the tops of trees or whole plants devoured. There's an inexpensive powder that works well and is cheap, as long as I can keep from poisoning myself in the process. Was hoping to be organic, but that's almost impossible surrounded by the bush. We'll keep slogging on.


Scott said...

Dear Gale,

I thought of something that might cheaply but permanently solve your laptop issues. I use a laptop cooler that sits underneath my laptop. It is powered by your laptops USB solely and has fans that gently blow air up through your laptop and keyboard. Not only will it keep your laptop cool but dry as well. You might also consider just leaving your laptop powered up as it will go into a powersave mode using little power keeping your laptop warm but will not sit idle, cool off and develope codensation where there is metal in your laptop especially on those cool nights with high humidity. Corrosion is another consideration in this regard and will be ameliorated by the air movement. A good laptop cooler is cheap at $40.00 to $50.00 especially when you consider travel to the computer repairman and the costs of repairs. I have a good hunch this will work for you.

All the best,


Dreamer farm said...

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the suggestion. As it turns out, I have a cooler & a new computer. A gift from a wonderful family member. Thanks for the suggestion about leaving it turned on. My Dell, which I bo't to bring down here, died a painful death that Dell admitted was a design flaw with the webcam, but they refused to fix. I won't go into the whole ugly story. Bo't a tiny notebook that also had problems. Buying locally you usually get old items that wouldn't sell in the US. Anyway, now working with a lovely new ASUS from the US. I am blessed.

Scott said...

Dear Gale,
I never was a brand name computer guy I have always had a custom built for personal computers. In regard to laptops the most reliable ones I've owned are Acer, not only are they reasonably priced but have proven to be extremely reliable. I had a high end Asus recently but had nothing but problems with it and returned it. I always pay for the extra warranty and in store replacement which is much cheaper in the end due to the designed obsolescence of computer technology and poor reliability over all with computers. I deal with a great company that is called "Memory Express" you can check them out at They have both in-store and online service and custom build all my computers. They have taken the headache out of owning computers and will replace it with equivalent up to date latest model technology should there be a problem. I rarely opt for the extended/in store replacement warranty on anything else except when it comes to computers it is a good investment. I greatly dislike Dell they build computers that are basically sealed units that computer repairmen are unable to fix, this is true for most of the big manufacturers. I hope your Asus serves you well, besides you can't look a gift-horse in the mouth.

All The Best,