Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Family at Placencia

Wow, we stayed at Robert's Grove. I have to admit that it's a little outside our price range as we always traveled within the Toucan Trail criteria. Robert's is beautiful and very comfortable. My cousins got a suite so I was able to stay with them. During this whole trip it seemed like we'd be eating one meal and planning the next. Sometimes it seemed that all we did was eat. I didn't take as many photos as I should. I guess I was just too busy looking and enjoying. The sea/ocean in Belize can be messy with debris and seaweed, but the folks at Robert's rake and keep it very clean. What a wonderful stay we had. It was nice to have our truck to bop into the village as the taxi service seemed overpriced and it was quite a healthy walk. We tried several different restaurants & I'm afraid that I can't remember their names. We only had one disappointment at a charming Austrian restaurant at Seine Bight. Lovely service and atmosphere, but the food was disappointing. Steve & Jan have traveled a few times to Europe and one of his favorite dishes is Wiener schnitzel. We'll never hear the end of his disappointment with the fare here. From that point on we'd ask the folks who worked at the resort where they'd recommend. From there on we had only successes.

Through the resort we took two trips. The first was a boat trip up the Monkey River and the second was snorkeling on the cays.

If I can get Steve or Roger to send me some photos, I'll add them. Robert's is a really beautiful place.


Wilma said...

Gale - what day was your trip to Monkey River? On your way there from Placencia, the boat took you right by our cabana. I may have been on the veranda or shore waved as you went by. :-)

Dreamer farm said...

Wilma, I was sure that I recognized your place from the photos on your blog. It's just before we turned to go up the river. So lovely. Can you get there via the road or just boat? I'm going to post a few photos of that wonderful trip next. I didn't see anyone as we passed by. Maybe next time.

Wilma said...

We have to go by boat from Monkey River. It takes about 5-10 minutes depending on conditions. I, unfortunately, am back in Minnesota now with still more than 5 inches of snow on the ground, :-( but Dennis will be there in May for a week or 2.