Sunday, March 27, 2011


Right now it appears that the hot/dry season might be upon us. It's been near 100 the last couple of days and the forecast is for more of the same. I know that sounds wonderful to you folks up north, but it's just plain hot. The humidity stays pretty high too so I have moved WAY PAST the ladylike, glowing, to just plain sweating. If indeed the dry season is upon us, it will probably last thru April and May. May seems to always be the most miserable month. We visited twice in May before we moved (you'd think we'd have learned the first time) and both times it was over 100 every day. Starting in June is the hurricane season, which brings thunderstorms and rain.

I haven't posted for a bit and won't include any more right now, as we've been facing a few problems which have been taking most of my time. Stay tuned for more of the life and times of an old couple in Belize.



Wilma said...

Take care, Gale. Hope your problems get resolved to your satisfaction.


Suzanne McDaniel said...

Here in costa rica as well. SO SO hot. I'm sitting in the living room sweating now LOL Not as hot as you guys but still.. quite warm the last few days.