Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok, you're probably getting bored with my talking about the weather, but hey, it's March and Tuesday it reached 112 and yesterday it was 110. Way too hot for this over-the-hill and not thin lady. All we can do is shut the house up on the sunny side, turn on the fans and sweat like pigs. We told Rene to come in today at 6am (he usually starts a little before 7 and then we'll have him head for home when it gets really hot. This definitely isn't normal for March. Maybe in May, but not now. Hope it doesn't just stay this way. How frightening. It sounds like rain because the trees are dropping their leaves like crazy.

Yesterday I did three loads of laundry and saved the water. I then used what I could save (my washtub sprang a leak) to water the flower beds that I started. Will probably lose all, but have to give it a try. Water is precious.

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sandy a said...

My hubby has been down there for the past week and a half and he was saying how extraordinarily hot it was. I hope the dry season ends early but i think it's got a ways to go.