Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting sick in Belize

As I wrote the last post, I decided to share what's been going on with me.  I'm always apologizing for not posting more often, but this time there's a reason.  Kidney stones.  The thing that's frightened me the most is getting sick down here.  There is medical care here, but the hospitals are pathetic giving you a less than confident view of how you'll be treated.

A few nights ago I was awakened by a pain in my back.  It wasn't a sharp pain, more liked I'd been punched and bruised.  Of course my mind conjured up all sorts of possibilities to set my worry gene into hyper drive.   Whatever, I had to get up and headed for the old glider that used to be my Mom's.  The pain subsided and was mostly gone the next day, only to be repeated when I tried to lie down the next night.  After another day and night of this I decided to go see Dr. Sanchez.  He's a lovely man who is from Cuba and has a really busy family practice.  Some years back he saw Art and diagnosed his blood clot and sent him to an internist.  We so appreciated his professionalism.  Anyway, thankfully it was raining that day so his office was basically empty.  I've been in there when it's so full you can't get in the door.  After giving me a checkup he sent me for some lab tests and then to get an ultrasound.  Right there as little blips in my kidneys were some stones.  Well darn!  One was trying to pass and another on it's heals.  I also had one in the other kidney.  I also found that I had a raging infection.  Whew!

Dr. gave me some do's and don'ts and some pills to help me get past this.  Now I've heard intense stories of people and their pain, so I wasn't sure how much to expect.  I'm trying not to get to complacent about the whole thing, but I feel so fortunate, at least up to now.  I've had to sleep sitting in my faithful chair (thanks Mom), but during the day I've been basically pain free.  Trying to lie down was a whole other issue.  After three nights/days of this, the pain seems to have disappeared, hopefully meaning the little devils found their way to freedom.   I'm still tired, but so thankful to be doing so well.

I still feel that if I had a major problem, I'd get on the first plane I could to the US and our health insurance, but I feel that there are caring Drs. here (thank you Dr. Sanchez) who will do their best to make you well. 


Wilma said...

Whew - kidney stones! Hope you have passed them. Never experienced them myself, but know from others what a horrible pain it can be. Take care of yourself!

Chris Elliot said...

I had a similar pain a few years ago and the doctor suspected appendicitis. Sent me to Emergency where they ruled out appendicitis and suspected kidney stones. The pain lessened and they sent me home. Next day I developed a rash - finally the correct diagnosis, shingles - luckily a mild dose which was treated with medication. I was lucky to have an excellent health care system but it still was a scary experience. I can imagine how much scarier your experience was!

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