Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The dry season is hopefully over

Haven't heard much from anyone so am just touching base.  After struggling for over two months of 100 degree weather, the dry spell finally ended on schedule.  Go figure.  We got rain on June 1.  We're now getting rain late every afternoon.  What a blessing, altho' the humidity is high all the time.  It's still in the 90's every day and 70's at night, but loving the change. We felt so lucky, living on our hill as we have wonderful breezes which don't reach down by the river.  Rene likes to come up here to get away from the heat.  It's great to not have to be quite so conservative with our water, just have to check that we've had enough rays to get us thru the evening without running the generator.  Living off-grid there's always something.  We're lucky tho' as the folks in the village have to worry about the fact that there are countrywide power outages and the village has been without water more than they've had it.  Something about their pumps.  Anyway, we're blessed. 


We're both doing fine.  I'm trying to stay active, but the weather has made it hard.  Errands take up some of the time, but boring.  We're waiting to hear from our realtor as to whether we'll remain with her or try it on vour own again.  Nothing happening, altho' several places have sold near our village so maybe our turn will come. 


Our dogs continue to be a blessing.  The setters are so loving and loyal.  Their antics keep me laughing.  Shannon really describes the term "dogging".  Wherever I go, she's right there.  Bailey is much the same way, but at a distance.  He's looking good, but at 12 years he's showing his age.  For a 135# Akita he's doing great.  I don't want to think too much about it and for now he's doing well.  He continues to be a true friend and such a blessing.  We couldn't have made it here without him.  I hope we can get  him home again. 



Corozal Dave said...

Nice to see you back writing on your blog, I've missed you :-) It has now been 14 months since we were last in Belize after selling our house. I did miss a lot of things about Belize,but I'm over those now and down to missing friends left behind in Belize. Since leaving my wife and I have taken to cruising and have been on 5 cruises. Twice to Europe, one of 12 days and another for 22 days, the rest of the cruises were to the Caribbean and South and Central America. We've spent 73 days cruising in total. It's an easy way to travel as you don't have to pack and unpack as you go from place to place.
Reading about your dogs makes me think it's about time I brought a new dog home. I still miss my English Setter Ziggy who passed away in November. I felt terrible that I wasn't here to be with him as they put him down as we found out while on a ship going through the Panama Canal. He will never be forgotten as he stayed at my side for months as I recovered from my cancer surgery. So I fully understand the joy and love you give and receive from yours.
I'm happy for you that the rains have arrive and the breezes are keeping you cool. Still hoping that the right people come along and fall in love with your place and buy it. Hoping for all the best for you and yours, Dave

Wilma said...

Hi Gale - we got our first big rain yesterday and were invaded by flood flies yesterday evening! It took me an hour this morning to sweep out all the wings and carcasses. I'm happy they only swarm like that once or twice a year! Nice to have full water vats, too. cheers!

David Dore said...

Well it took awhile, but I made it. From 2006 to 2015, what a ride. I know Bailey might not look great, but I'd love to see a current pic. My wife and I are coming to Belize as soon as we can get affairs settled here in N.C. to start our next life. We contracted in the Middle East for 7 1/2 years and first saw Belize in 2008. We already own land there, but will be buying a lot for our home. We have friends there and they are looking forward to our arrival. I've spent years studying Belize. I've read their laws and more blogs than one person should. From the horror to the joyous, it reminds me of marriage. We are committed (not in the mental sense)to making Belize our home. We will be bringing our dog Morpheus. He is our rescue (we are his) being the 'God of sleep' fits him. He is an American Bulldog and as a result I will be driving him down as the airlines seem to want nothing to do with him, plus I will be bringing a vehicle. We hope to meet you both when we finally get to Cayo.