Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday babies

Our beautiful pups turned one year old today.  What a blessing (and maybe a tiny curse) they've both been.  They make me laugh and occasionally want to scream, but their beauty and generous affection has brought so much joy.  I've just been watching them tear around the yard, playing chase.  We've never regretted getting two pups as they play together and keep each other company.  They both love Bailey, but he doesn't really return the feeling.

We finally got them their rabies shots and they're both healthy.  Shannon weighs 44 lbs and Rusty weighs 60 lbs.

The only treat I gave them was a small bag of Cheetos, which they really love.  After all, can't they have junk food just this once.  How often does a guy turn one.  Anyway, Happy Birthday babies and keep those hugs coming.  We love you.


Wilma said...

They look so handsome and well-behaved in that photo! What would we do without our pets to keep us sane? or at least able to cope with our craziness? Max is 14 and I would love to get another cat or 2; but Max so enjoys being an only cat. After 11 years of being the second cat, that I can't do that to her.

Emily said...

Happy birthday pretty pooches! I have often regretted not getting two from the same litter. They are such great friends and playmates to one another. I think Cheetos sounds like the perfect doggie birthday treat!

JRinSC said...

Beautiful puppies... is Wilma right about the "well-behaved"? I'm glad you're having a good time with them.

Is the rainy season about over??