Saturday, December 14, 2013

Irish Setters

When we decided to get the Setter pups, we heard comments about them being dumb (how wrong that is) and extremely hyper.  Well that one could apply to Shannon at times.  She's small and thin, no matter how much food she eats, and has lots of energy.  Rusty is much more laid back.  It's been such a blessing to have the fence as they can race around the yard, playing together, burning off some excess energy.  They've picked up on some many things that we say and continually surprise us with their responsiveness.  They both just want to please.  Shannon's one trait that is annoying is that she gets so excited to see someone (anyone) that she jumps up on them.  We're working on breaking her of it, but will take time.  They so much want to give and receive love that they can be annoying, in that they both vie for attention.  Firmness is working to get them to sit and with two hands, they each get a good scratching.  Works for me! 

We're so pleased that we decided to bring these guys into our family.  I can't say that Bailey would agree to that, but he does find his own space and tolerates them, but that's an Akita for you.  I just want to go on record that these Setters, besides being absolutely gorgeous, are smart, loving companions. 

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