Sunday, November 24, 2013

Three on a clothespin

What a glorious day we're having today.  It rained last night, but today it's in the high 80's with a few clouds and just light breezes.  I'm being a total sloth and loving it.  I've been intrigued by the appearance of tiny hummingbird nests attached to clothespins on our veranda.  They seemed incomplete and I finally took them down.  A few days ago a new nest appeared on the next line.  It's not much bigger than a large egg and beautifully made.  They always seem to include bits of lichen and are beautiful works of art.  

Today, as I sat reading on our porch swing, I caught a glimpse of a hummingbird flying to the nest.  Wow, this one was the real thing.  It took me a long time, trying to stay out of the way, but watching the nest to see that there appeared to be two tiny babies in the nest.  I wish I could get higher to see down into the nest, but am thrilled with the gift I've been given of seeing these tiny beings.  

I hope I'll be able to catch more views of this wonderful little family before the babies leave the nest.  

I feel so fortunate to sit at my computer and watch a little yellow warbler, hear a red-headed woodpecker and in the distance the howler monkeys are letting us know we'll probably get more rain.  This truly is a paradise.  Blessings!


Emily said...

Oh, how wonderful! Your pictures are great, and you are so fortunate to witness one of nature's loveliest miracles. I'm so glad she came back!

Wilma said...

How exciting! We have had some hummer activity, but nothing like that! Looking forward to more photos.