Friday, October 25, 2013

Family visit

We have been having a wonderful time as my cousin, Roger, has been visiting us since Saturday.  It's so seldom that we have family visit and Roger is very special to me.  Even tho' our families didn't live really close, we grew up seeing each other fairly often.  As adults, Roger moved to New York and our visits were very infrequent.  I'm so thrilled that we've been able to reconnect so strongly and this is his third visit to us here in Belize.  This trip he came alone, telling us that he didn't need to tour and see the sights, but wanted to relax and visit.  Boy have we been doing a lot of both.  We've been talking non-stop and doing a lot of nothing special.

The weather has been perfect, up until today.  Scattered clouds and not too warm.  We had a sprinkling of rain last evening and Roger asked if it ever poured rain all night.  Not really.  Well last night it didn't rain all night, but it felt like it did.  It dumped off and on all night.  Now for us, all growing up in the Northwest, rain is soothing and just means you don't have to work in the yard today (which I didn't plan on doing anyway).  I checked the satellite weather channels and this isn't a particular storm, just lots of rain for the next couple of days.  Roger heads back to New York on Sunday, so I predict lots more visiting the next few days.

The only real downside I see to this rain is the dogs.  Of course, they all hate the rain.  They're also still very afraid of the new inground fence so I'm having to lock them in the regular fenced area a couple of times a day.  I'll write more later about the electric fence experience, but I'll say here, it's going to work great, but does take training and time.

Well, it's back to reading, visiting and eating.  What a delightful, loving time we're having.  Love you lots, Roger.   

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