Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We've been delighted to meet several new friends who found us because of this blog.  Delightful people, but all with a sad viewpoint.  As with so many folks I read about on the news, they are upset with the direction the US is moving and are looking for a haven away from the government control in their lives.  We've enjoyed discussions about what's happening in our beloved US and how we view living here in Belize.  

I've put off reading more in depth about Obamacare because I have no control over what's happening, but it does seem that it will be the death knell of small businesses and change the spending habits of the poor and middle class (is there still such a group?).  

We've been informed by our bank that the US is now demanding to know about all funds Americans have here and making us accountable for monies made here.  For us it's not an issue as we don't have  a local income, but it shows that the long arm of the US is everywhere.  How arrogant! 

The quandary this has created for Art & I is that we feel we must sell Dreamer Farm as it's too much property for us with Art's failing health.  I seem to be able to do less and less of the outside work.  We had decided that, if and when we do sell we would return to the NW to be nearer family and the VA facilities.  These discussions have made us wary of our being able to survive financially if we do return to the US.  Altho' life here isn't fancy, we can live on our small income comfortably.  We're now also thinking of how things would be if we bo't a small place here in Cayo, still making our annual trip to Oregon.  For now it's only a problem that keeps rattling around in my head, but I have to admit that it makes me so sad to feel that our beloved country may exclude us and so many others by dictating how and where we live our lives.  This isn't the US that we grew up with. 

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