Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Truck, dogs & new fence and tree

I very seldom plan much ahead because my plans always go awry.  Today was a perfect example.  I had planned to go to the market this morning and then grocery shopping with my good friend Diane.  Well, first thing this morning I had a call from Bedo about our truck.  He had the body work done.  He'd ordered a new tail light assembly, but they sent the wrong one.  He got it yesterday (which was a holiday here, Pan American Day) he finished painting the fender and installed the light.  Of course, the light didn't work.  This morning we picked up the truck, had to notify the insurance company of the problem and then took the truck to an auto electrician.  Yes, there are some fellows who specialize.  Since we were across the river anyway, I did my grocery shopping first.  Times like this make it great to have the old Trooper.  Art & I each had to drive a vehicle.  We left the truck with Mr. Matus and drove back home to put away the groceries and have a bite of lunch.  

Now came the hard part.  Yesterday I finally got up enough nerve to introduce each dog to the fence.  I hate it so much.  They each have a collar with a control box.  The fence is a buried wire and then we put flags at the edge of the warning zone.  A tone signals the zone, then they'll feel a shock if they continue.  I have all of them at the lowest  shock level.  I led each of them around the perimeter to familiarize them with their new area.  Each of the pups, Shannon & Rusty, got a jolt and then wouldn't go near any of the flags.  They figured it out immediately.  It was a little slower with Bailey.  He got hit three times and then I had to stop.  I couldn't stand to have him hurt any more right then.  I was very satisfied with this first session and felt sure that it's going to work.  

Today, after we got back from town, I took each dog back out.  I was surprised to say the least, that none of the three dogs wanted to even go out into the yard.  I finally was able to get the two males to walk around, but poor Shannon was totally upset and wouldn't go with me.  In reading I find that there is a lower setting that doesn't shock the dog, only emits the chirping sound.  I'll now reset all the collars to this level and
work with them the next few days to get them more comfortable with the area.  In a few days when I hope they'll be more comfortable, I'll set them loose and then I'll reset to the slowest shock level.  I'm so impressed by how smart all the dogs are and how sensitive.  I do talk to them constantly and feel that they understand everything I say.  Wow!

Then it was back to town to pick up the truck from the electrician.  Problem was a broken wire, bulbs and who knows what else.  Now it's off to the insurance company to clear up the paperwork.  The victim here ends up doing much of the running around.  The truck looks great again.  Hope that the third time is a charm.  

Art got home ahead of me as I had forgotten a couple of things at the store.  When I drove up the road, there was the truck, stopped midway.  My first tho't was that it had broken down, but when I pulled up behind it I saw the big goombalimba tree that fell across the road.  We had to get the chainsaw, cut the tree up and haul it off before we could drive into our place.  We were just happy that we had the tools and the strength to manage the task.  

An unexpected, but full day for a couple of old codgers.

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