Monday, February 11, 2013


Yes, it's not a typo.  Pups it is.  We went over to pick up our little Shannon and found that two of the males haven't been spoken for.  Claudia & Franklin are such sweethearts and have done such a wonderful job with the huge litter, we just couldn't resist.  We brought home Rusty & Shannon.  In so many ways it's much easier to have two small pups than one alone.  We brought down Bailey's big kennel and they will sleep there.  They didn't even cry last night.  They are so dear and very people oriented.  Our veranda is fenced with screen so they can have the run of it.  Walking for us is a chore as it's like walking in water.  There's a pup under you feet at all times.  It's so cute to see them running after each other. 

Shannon seemed so shy at first, but boy can she explode into a little spitfire.  She really stands up for herself.  Rusty is a tiny bit darker and an independent little soul.  We really struggled with a name for him as he came as a surprise.  Rusty seems a little cliche, but very fitting.  Probably half the male Red Setters are named Rusty, but that's ok with us.   With two nearly identical tiny creatures are running around we're happy that Shannon has a little cowlick on the back of her neck.  We laughed that we should have named her Alfalfa, but it's to be our lovely Shannon. 

We weren't sure how Bailey would react, but are pleased that at least he didn't try to attack them.  He's so huge and they're so small.  We didn't give them much contact until today.  Of course, they were fascinated with him, but he seemed almost afraid of them.  I'm guessing it's going to take a week or two before he can see any reason to have something to do with them.  They were following him and getting in his face.  He finally had enough and turned and barked.  Boy did that stop them.  At least for a minute.  We won't leave them alone together, but can see that eventually it's going to work.  Already Art & I are getting more exercise, just keeping up with the dogs and all the stuff that pups need. What an elegant little family we have.  Two gorgeous Irish Red Setters and our spectacular Akita, Bailey.  So much love,

I've been so busy that I didn't take time to get really good photos of our kids, but will add some later.  For now you can see that the pups have made the area around Art's exercise bike, their own. 


Emily said...

They are precious! Our Paisley (5-year old Boston Terrier) sometimes seems intimidated by puppies too. It's strange because she is the exact opposite with adult dogs and will charge them. I don't know how she knows the difference!

JRinSC said...

Gorgeous little pups! I do hope Baily adopts them too!

Nice post!