Monday, January 28, 2013

This & That

I've had a very strange day.  Had one of those crazy nights where I slept a long time, but woke up tired.  Just wanted to stay in bed with the covers over my head.  Not really, but tempting.  Looking back on it now, I'm thankful I didn't have a bad accident because I sure couldn't seem to do anything right.  I got thru the morning ok, just bumbling along, but frustrated because I wanted to do laundry, but it rained, so changed that plan.  In the afternoon I decided to kick myself into gear and try to get something done.  I wanted to paint a couple of wooden chairs that sit on our guest house veranda.  I found the paint, thinner, brush and drop cloth and took a broom to the floor to make my space.  I'd noticed some droppings on the table, but attributed them to the darned gecko's.  As I moved the table I realized that these weren't just a few droppings, but a lot.  I pulled on the closeable shutter and let out a scream.  Behind hung about eight small bats.  I'm not really afraid of them, but they sure startled me as they fluttered in all directions.  We realized that this was an ideal spot for them as it was clean and dark and the wood siding was a perfect surface for them to cling to.   I really appreciate bats as one bat will eat it's weight in mosquitoes every day and a pregnant female with eat 2 1/2 times her weight.  The way the bugs attack me, I'll take the bats any day, but don't really want them to live on our veranda. 

After my little girly moment, I continued to spread my plastic and got down to work.  I had almost finished giving the two chairs their first coat of paint when I bumped the can and spilled the whole can of paint.  Well darn!  Luckily I had several layers of plastic down and only a small portion went onto the floor itself.  All I could do was use the brush and pick up as much paint as possible.  I salvaged most of it and using paint thinner and an old t-shirt I got the paint off the floor.  I was also grateful that I had painted the floor with linseed oil & diesel just a couple of weeks ago, so the paint didn't sink into the wood.  Right then I decided that I would do our little place a favor and retreat to the house veranda with a glass of juice and a book for the rest of the day. 

It also gave me time to ponder the fact that we are going to get one of Queenie's pups.  A little girl they call Amy, but who will probably be Shannon when she gets home with us.  The pups are only 6 weeks old and Claudia and  Franklin want them to have more time with their siblings and to get their 8 
week old shot before heading to their new homes.  I know she's going to demand a lot of time and work, but we have lots of time and need to work more, so a terrific fit.  I keep telling Bailey about his new friend, but I'm sure he hasn't a clue that his calm life is about to be upset.  Will do us all good. Maybe by the time she gets here I'll have all the blue paint out from under my fingernails. 
Blessings dear friends

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