Friday, February 15, 2013

Weather (& dogs)

As you might guess, I'll probably be posting a lot about our new family members.  Two 9 week old pups tend to dominate your life.  Bailey is very frustrated and confused as to how to relate to them.  He tries to run away from them and when they get right in his face he barks.  It's so loud that I'd think it would pin them to the floor, but they're non-plussed, so he must not be swearing at them.  I really feel that as they get older and settle down, they'll all become friends.  The pups are trying really hard not to mess in the kennel, but we don't always catch the signs, so the veranda is still ok in their minds.  I hope we can get funds together to put up a good fence so that all three dogs will have a place to roam.  For now, Bailey seems happy to spend lots of time in the house, out of the reach of the red menace.  

The weather right now is unexpected.  It's usually pretty mild this time of year with May being the really hot month.  Well, it's February and we've had several days in the 90's.  Thankfully it's rained the last couple of nights to cool it down.  I dread the really hot weather,  I don't bother "glowing" like a lady, I just drip and sweat.  Hoping to return to Oregon in May before our grandson reports to the Air Force.  He graduated a little early & is only 17.   Pooh!  He's our oldest and it's going to be hard to have them each head in their own direction.  I just pray that they'll find happiness and a satisfying life. 

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Emily said...

Those pups are absolutely adorable! Plenty of photos are never inappropriate. :) Guess you're enjoying the much cooler temps and lower humidity we're having now after that heat wave. I think the highest we saw on Ambergris Caye was 88, but that is hot enough, especially in February. Loving this cold front! Like you, I drip and sweat. Glowing is for lightbulbs!