Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A great tractor story

I guess we're weird because it gave us both a tug to finally sell our little tractor.  I know, it's just a thing, but we seem to get attached.  Art really got a kick out of driving it, but without the flail, it lost it's usefulness to us.  It did give us one final "tractor story" as a farewell.  We had a terrific rainstorm today, which always does lovely things to the bottom of our road and it turned out that today is the day the new owner wanted to pick it up.  We were waiting for him when I got a call that he was stuck at the bottom of the road, in heavy mud, with his full-sized pickup and trailer.  What to do???  Well, Art drove the little tractor down and they hooked it up to the truck and she pulled it out.  Took some back & forth, but finally got them turned around and she pulled them back down to Paslow Falls Road (ick!) where we finalized our deal and off they went.  She may be little and old, but she's tough.  We'll miss her, but maybe the money can help us fix some of the road.  I am a dreamer!

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Bernadine Koster said...

Parting with something that has been part of your life is sometimes hard. The tractor looks like it’s well-kept and the buyers are having a great bargain. Hope you do a lot with the money you earned.

Bernadine Koster