Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kubota diesel tractor for sale

Before moving to Belize we purchased our small, older Kubota tractor from a neighbor.  Dennis is a tinkerer and had totally gone thru the tractor, replacing parts and putting her back to nearly new shape.  We shipped it, the blade and an old flail that we purchased separately, to Belize and paid the duty.  We paid $4k US for the tractor & blade & $500US for the flail.  
The tractor is a B6100D (yes it's old, but in beautiful condition), diesel, 4 wheel drive with a 3point hitch & PTO.  The flail is even older and since we're not mechanically inclined, it's been a struggle to keep it functioning, even tho' it's a fairly straightforward and simple machine.  We have all new blades and connectors for it.

We're asking $5k BZ for the tractor and we'll throw in the flail.  I must say that the flail does a fantastic job of mowing, with the loose blades.  It just needs some TLC.   Contact:    or Belize 636-4403.


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Susan Headrick said...

Thanks for information!

Every year we have sales carnival in our city and this year we decided to sell our Kubota in that. We re-modified it a little with rebuilt Kubota diesel engines that we purchased online from country sales and services. The engine turned out as a wonder and we sold that kubota at a good price.

Miranda Ashley said...

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