Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dear Friends,
I enjoy sharing our adventure with anyone who's interested, via this blog. It's always rewarding to get your comments. They let me know I'm passing on info that is of interest. If you want to email me directly, I'm happy to hear from you. Also, it would be helpful if you want to hear from me I need your email address.

Belize is an interesting, frustrating, beautiful and sad country, just like any other. Legally we're outsiders, so have no say in anything. That can make it both good and bad. By accepting it for what it is and realizing that there are wonderful people here who are just trying to live their lives too, helps us to sit back and relish the wonders of it all. A couple of things that made Belize appealing to us is that the roots of the law are British, English is the basic language of the country, altho' the majority of the local people speak Spanish) and we've found quite a few expats to maintain our comfort zone. We did a little traveling on our first visits to Belize, but always rushed back to Cayo as we realized right away that it's home for us.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. If you have specific questions that we might be able to answer, please drop me a note.

It's warming up a bit and today is overcast. Had a dumping rain yesterday which really helped as the ground was very dry. It's actually been a wonderful year here in the "Little Jewel."

Blessings, Gale


Wilma said...


we have snow on the ground from yesterday, and rain/sleet/snow is the forecast for the next 6 days. I am longing to be back in Belize, not least to get away from this cold stuff!

Do you ever leave comments on your post as replys to comments? I try do it for every comment on my blog.


Dreamer farm said...

Thanks Wilma, I try to respond if it seems to need it. Don't you love comments? Our family said that there are several inches of snow in Oregon. Art's happy to not be snow blowing. It's really been a wonderful year here. Feels like late summer. Moderately warm with gentle breezes. So lovely.
Thanks, Gale

sandy a. said...

OUr house is in Maya Beach, but I have always loved loved LOVED Cayo! Want land there too!! FOr the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gale,

This is Dennis, Wilma's husband. I was just looking at the picture of the bedraggled hummingbird just below the blue mot mot in the previous blog entry. That's how all the birds looked here yesterday during the snow/sleet/rain of the day. The female cardinal was very sorry looking with its crest water logged. But you are no doubt familiar with the peculiarities of the first snow of the year. The grass is still green, despite a number of freezes, but the hard freeze is coming soon. It does make me want ot get back to Belize soon, but it will be the end of May.

What I would find helpful is some information on how you were able to negotiate the Qualified Retirement Program, what obstacles were encountered, and how you responded to these. We are considering this program for a year or so from now, so this information would be very helpful for planning purposes.

Hope it does not get too cold up there in Cayo so soon.