Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Art's trip to Oregon

Why does fate always do things like this. Poor Art, didn't want to make this trip, but he needed to visit the VA. We're trying to keep one foot in the US for now. We've had quite a bit of rain here in Belize, but it's warmed up, so not uncomfortable. Right now it's cloudy,but 70 out. Well, I just talked to our daughter in Oregon and overnight they had 1 1/2 ft of snow and it's supposed to get down to -7 Fahrenheit. Art should be landing at the Bend/Redmond airport in just a few minutes. He didn't even have a coat to take up there with him. This is one time we're glad we have the house and lots of stuff there. All of our winter clothes are packed away in the house. Also, when I left in April I left the snow tires on the car. At least something should be ok. Hopefully, the fact that it's very dry there will make dealing with the cold a little easier.

Bailey & I will miss Art like crazy, but I have lots of chores and projects, so will keep busy.

Happy Thanksgiving, Gale


Bill and Debra said...

I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. Debra

Terdal Farm said...

I once worked at the Portland VA hospital (back in the '80s when it was new). Is he going to that one?

Dreamer farm said...

He has gone there, but they've put in a wonderful, very comprehensive clinic in Bend, which is a huge help. It takes about 3 hours in good weather to get from Central Oregon to Portland, across the Cascade Mtns. With the weather turning so treacherous, he probably would have had to cancel his appts. It's hard enough that our place is 30 miles south of the City across Lava Butte, which can get very nasty. Gale

Linda Crawford said...

Love reading your blog! Keep up the posts!