Friday, August 6, 2010


Don't you hate it when you check on the weather and they tell you that the humidity is 85% with a 40% chance of rain and you're looking out at a downpour that's been going ton for the past 6 hours? Can't really complain as it's been the same way every where we've lived. In the mountains of Oregon we'd hear that it was going to be clear and we'd have snow. It's a little more predictable there as the weather is pretty stable. One of the disappointments there is that the growing season is really short. When we first moved there we were told that the growing season was 28 days. Ha, Ha, Ha!. How funny is that? Well, it turned out to be true for the most part. At 4200' above sea level, you can have a frost in July that will kill your tomatoes. It can start again in September. Of course, not every year, but possible. It was also that way in Montana. The only way to beat that was to grow in pots and haul them into the garage at night and back out in the daytime, unless of course you could afford a greenhouse, which we couldn't. Every place has it's quirks.

FYI, I'm giving up on this group of cucumber plants. I've sprayed them twice with Confidor to kill the worms, to no avail. When (if) it quits raining, I'm going to pull them all up burn the vines and spray the soil with Confidor. I'll then plant the few remaining seeds and see if I can get anything. We did put up a trellis for the plants in another area, but they don't look real healthy either. I may be hard headed, but I'm not giving up. One thing that keeps me going is that, according to Rene, this is not a typical year. August is usually dry. Ha! This is hard on the locals too who are trying to grow their corn for meal. It's a tough year for little Belize.

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