Thursday, February 13, 2014

No sale, darn!

We're let down, but are pulling up our socks and continuing on.  We've been in negotiations with some folks who seemed a perfect fit for the farm.  With our one bedroom/one bath in the house, two bedrooms/one bath in the guest house and then the unfinished Mennonite house at the entrance and leaving the property turn key, we were excited about the prospect of going back to Oregon and spending time with family.  In the end, we couldn't agree on terms, so are starting over.  I'm sorry for them as they seem to think that building is going to be a breeze.  After all we've been thru and the ugly stories others have related, I can assure them it's not, but to each his own.  Anyway, we're still here, enjoying the beauty and comfort on our hill.  

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David Lambert said...

Sorry to read you did not sell your home. We put ours up for sale the middle of December and it was sold by the first week of January. I was totally shocked as I had expected it to take at least a year as we have friends who are going on 3 years trying to sell. We got our asking price in cash as they also bought everything else including our cars. Guess the right people came along. We just returned to Canada with all our person stuff and are ready to enjoy traveling the rest of the world. Good luck, I'm sure the right buyers will come along.