Thursday, February 13, 2014

Improved road

Nothing much going on right now at the farm.  Weather is great.  Cloudy, occasional light, very short rain.  This is a prelude to the hot, dry season ahead.  Just wanted to post a photo of a piece of the road improvement.  Doesn't look spectacular, unless you've spent time in Belize and have driven some of our roads.  Folks are calling it our "highway."  Wish all the roads were this solid.

You can see the improvements at the top.  The road is about 1/4 mile and took a lot of gravel and work.  We're just enjoying being able to go up and down with relative ease. 

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Agatha said...

This is definitely a good road!! After driving a Jeep for a week from Belize City to the Cayo District, then Guatemala I quickly learned that rocks all over the roads are a good thing, and 4x4 is the way to go if u really want to discover Belize. Road infrastructure issues is a challenge in this beautiful country. I saw how massive , giant potholes in Belize City cause a traffic mess, and you figure, this road is near the airport and major highway connections, why not pave it and fix it up? Instead, driving was a traffic nightmare with police directing you to detours galore, forget about following a map. Frustrating to say the least. That said, if you have the patience of a saint the jungle is beautiful and magnificent. As a person who grew up in an urban jungle like NYC I loved it.