Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tundra hit AGAIN

Friday was a nice day and Art decided to go to town with me.  Just had to stop at the post office and then to the market.  I parked the Tundra (pickup) near the post office, across from Shopper's Choice with a car behind me and one in front.  No big deal, but I was glad to find a parking spot so close to our destination.  We took our time, enjoying not being in a rush.  When we got back to the truck I went around the front to get in and a traffic officer knocked on my window.  I hadn't seen that the back of the truck had been hit - again.  Poor truck.  Luckily, the officer had seen it happen and they were hunting for us.  The damage wasn't severe, but took out the back lights and put a big dent in the fender and bent the bumper.  

This is the third time our poor truck has been hit since we moved here four years ago.  The first time a taxi passenger opened her door into the side of the truck just as we drove by.  Taxi owner's insurance covered the damage.  Over a year ago Art parked the truck to go into a restaurant to pick up dinner and when he came out, it appeared that a large truck had sideswiped the passenger side, leaving a large, black dent the full length of the side about chest high.  Since you can't buy coverage for your own vehicle if it's over 7 years old, we had to pay for this one.  Anyway, it was hit and run.  

Friday we were glad we didn't have a lot to do because we ended up spending over two hours in the police station and then in the insurance office.  The poor fellow who hit us was pretty shaken up.  We still don't know how he managed to swerve to hit us as we were tucked in between other vehicles, but it was just an accident.  He was extremely apologetic and the police were very helpful.  The other car was a nice newer SUV and his right front fender was totally demolished along with his front bumper.  The poor guy is from Orange Walk and had to drive back with the mangled fender dangling.  The police seemed to be worried that we might collapse in an upset heap or something because of our ages.  I guess we've been thru it enough times that it's ok as long as it wasn't our fault. 

We stopped by Bedo's body shop and I'll have to take the truck in Monday to get an estimate, as well as go to a mechanic to be sure that there wasn't damage underneath.  We just had new tires put on the truck, so were glad to see them intact.  Bedo told us he doesn't think Belize likes our truck as it sure seems to be a target.  Since this will be the third time he's repaired and painted the sides, I told him should stock up on our paint color.  We're just happy that none of these accident's were more severe and really only caused cosmetic damage.   Maybe we should just have him paint a big target on it.  It probably isn't a cause, but we don't plan to buy another gray vehicle as they seem to blend into the road.  

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