Friday, November 16, 2012


I've never been good at sharing my artwork.  I'm definitely not a salesperson (note the politically correct term!).  My Dad could sell anything to anyone, but I tend to babble and end up giving things away.  My artwork makes me even worse.  If I've created it, I apologize for everything and want to go hide.  My friends here are so good for me.  They push and push and don't let me get away with anything.  They helped me get enough nerve up to approach a gallery in San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye, and they now have several of my watercolors.  Now that I've made the plunge I hope a couple sell.  See how quickly I turn?  It's ok as long as I'm not the salesperson. 

Belize isn't a very artistic country and no one else is doing watercolors.  I'm enjoying them a lot, but see why they're not popular.  The humidity is a real problem.  In order to get a painting dry to keep colors from bleeding together, my hair dryer has become one of my favorite tools.  It works, but coming from a dry climate, I've had to change the way I work.  I also have to fight mildew.  The paint will mold and I've had paper mildew.  I work really hard covering my materials and when I complete a painting I dry it well with the hair dryer, mat it and immediately get it into a plastic envelope to hopefully keep out the humidity.  At least for now, it's working.  There's no where in the country, that I can find. that sells good painting supplies.  I order everything from the States.  This works great, but sometimes it's hard to wait for an order to go to Houston and then slowly travel to Belize.  Patience, patience, patience.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I'm going to post some of my recent work. Some are in the Belizean Arts Gallery in San Pedro and some are here at home.  I love the faces of Belize, as you can tell, especially the children..

Blessings,   Gale


Wilma said...

Keep it up, Gale - these are really special. The first one is my favorite; something about it just reaches out and grabs you. I bet they are even more impressive in person.

Corozal Dave said...

You're a very talented artist, love your work. I'd love to see some of it at Art in the Park in Corozal, as I'd be a buyer for sure.
Thanks for sharing.

sedonagate said...

Hello, My husband and I have just moved here... we would love to talk about art! We live in Esperanza/Pilgrim Valley in Cayo.