Thursday, August 9, 2012

What storm?

Ernesto was heading towards Belize so we all buttoned up our places, businesses closed and the farmers worried and prayed for their corn crops.  We didn't close the shutters on our house because it would get too warm.  Tho't we'd jump up and close them when the wind started.  Before heading to bed we had a couple of very short rain showers, but little wind.  We were so surprised to wake up and realize that something must have worked because the storm veered to the north and then west again and totally missed Cayo.  Ernesto wasn't interested in us and passed us by.    The Mopan river is muddy, but hasn't risen much, which means that Guatemala didn't get much rain either.  Rene was here today and all smiles.  He said their prayers were answered and they're now hoping the corn will continue to grow towards harvest.  We appreciate our blessings. 

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